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If the guide in the video doesn’t have a matching profile picture, REPORT THE GUIDE and DO NOT JOIN THE TOUR.

For Guides:

You must upload a video matching your profile picture.




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Methods to prevent stalking:

There are three simple steps you can take to minimize your risk of being stalked through social media. The first is to really pay attention to what privacy settings you are using. Second, be very careful about whom you accept as a friend; if you don’t know the person, think twice about becoming “friends” with them. Third, be careful what information you post about your social plans or what very personal information you choose to share.

Meet in a Public Place

Always meet for your first date in a public place. Whether you choose to go on a SingleStroll tour or not, it should go without saying that meeting in a public place is first and foremost the biggest step you can take to be safe.

Plan out your Commute

You should have a definite plan as to how you will get to your date and get home. Some dates can are straight up weird; you might need a fast escape strategy. Never get in the car with a stranger.

The following shores up the security and transparency of the Guide’s tour location on SingleStroll:

Tour Guides must provide the google maps link to the destination. SingleStroll must depict the star rating of the business at the particular public place underneath the venue’s picture. Beneath this should be the description of the place.

Stay Away from Excessive use of Alcohol.

Another precaution that most people are aware of but is easy to overlook, is the consumption of alcohol especially on a first date. Limiting your use of alcohol or other stimulants will keep you aware of the dating situation and your surroundings.

Let a Safety Buddy (a friend and family member) know where you are.

Friends and family should know where you are going and with who, and general (it doesn’t have to be too detailed) information about what you will be doing on your date. Tell your ’Safety Buddy’ to call you at some point during the date just to check up on you. A text can be easily manipulated but a call will let them hear your voice and establish that it is really you. To take it a step further, your Safety Buddy should have some information about your date including: their name and their picture. On the SingleStroll website you can share your booked tour on your social media profile so that friends and family are aware of what you are doing. Sharing the page will let friends and family see the profile pictures and bios of tour members.

Do not use pictures from Instagram or other Social Media Accounts for your dating profile.

This might not make sense at first but think about it... People can easily take the picture from your dating profile and conduct a Google image search with it. The search will pull up all the places on the internet where that picture exists, and therefore it will pull up your social media accounts where the image is present. This is highly unlikely, but it is still important to take precaution. For your profile picture, all you have to do is take a selfie or have someone take a picture of you. Use this picture exclusively for the dating site. At SingleStroll we have an open disclaimer strongly recommending the use of a picture used exclusively for your profile.

Do not tell your Date your Full Name

Your full name reveals a lot about you on the internet. Be wary of a date who asks for it since a simple google search of your full name could pull up social media accounts, work details, and even your salary. It gets even creepier...They can find out where you live, what properties you own and other very sensitive information. On SingleStroll, only the first initial of your last name is shown. If asked to give your last name, just calmly decline. If the individual insists, you can flag them.

Be Careful when giving out your Phone Number

If you have had your phone number for several years, people can acquire a lot of information about you just from googling it. Your government name, the name of your LLC, or other sensitive information can be disclosed.

Don’t bring a date to your home after the first encounter.

Regardless of how well the first date is going, bringing him (or her) home afterwards is never a good idea. Even if you feel comfortable with the person in a public place, this does not necessarily mean you will feel comfortable around them in your private space. After all, the person is still a stranger. It is impossible to predict if or how their attitude will change when transitioning from a public to a private setting. Work gradually towards accepting this person by having 3-5 public meeting arrangements. Trust your judgement as to where to go afterwards.

For ladies: Never leave your drink unattended.

It goes without saying that there have been plenty horror stories of date-rape cases. Don’t be a statistic.

Trust your Gut

If the date is not going the way you like, you always have the right to leave. Tell your Safety Buddy to call you after a certain period of time. This is one of the most well known and convenient methods to leave the situation.

Before booking a SingleStroll tour zoom in on the ‘Tour Start’ location with satellite view toggled and drop a yellow human on the map to get an in-depth POV scan of the area.

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