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General Information

It is important that your inputs are accurate because they are used to build your profile. Guests will refer to you by the first name you provide. Providing a false first name will make guests immediately distrustful of you and your services and you will be flagged quickly. Only the first letter of your last name will be publicly shown to protect your identity. Providing the right city and state is essential to filling your tour. The SingleStroll algorithm will only fill your tour with guests in your city and state. Your phone number and email address are used for password retrieval and verification purposes. We will never ask you for your password.

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Tour Experience

The information in this section will be at the very top of your profile. Guests will be able to see how long you have lived in the city or state you have specified. You may determine your tour price and tour length. We suggest that you get the address where the tour begins from a location that is visibly marked on Google Maps but this is not a requirement. The short description about your tour is your chance to give guests a good impression that you can provide a safe and enjoyable experience. We recommend you discuss your knowledge of the area and of the tour destinations in addition to the amenities (if any) that are included in the ticket price.

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Tour Stop Details

The information in this section is for each individual place you will be taking guests on your tour. You can have just one tour stop or as many tour stops as you like. We suggest that you select tour stops marked on Google Maps but this is not a requirement. To add an additional tour stop click the “+ Add Tour Stop” button.

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Add Images and short descriptions of the destinations of your choice.
(Your destinations must be in public areas, accessible on a map).

Tour Stop Images

Tour Stop Tour Stop Name Tour Stop Address Tour Stop Description Tour Stop Images Action
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Tour Guide Availability

Choose the days and times of your availability

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Choose the days and times of your availability. You may update this at any time in settings

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