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‘9 Tiny Tales of Time Passing’ - Snippets of People’s Reflections

Posted on May 10, 2019

At SingleStroll we believe that creating memories plays one of the most essential parts in living a full and satisfying life. Below are a list of reflective moments people have posted online. We prefer not to see them as good or bad: just moments remembered, which are the essence of memories. We hope you are inspired to embrace the moment, appreciate what you have, reflect on life, and look forward to what lies ahead.

The following paraphrased posts belong to their respective owners. We are showcasing them here for educational and entertainment purposes.

It was a summer back in the late ‘90s, driving down the street with my mom; my hand was out the window. She was so pretty, laughing and smiling. I remember from time to time how beautiful that moment was and how I wish every moment of my life could be like that.


Close your eyes.. Can you see those moments in your youth? Remember the sights, smells, and sounds of high school memories? A time not so long ago but still so distant: of innocence, a time when possibilities were endless, before the reality of life crept upon you like a cancer.


I was laying in bed with my ex one night... all of a sudden she woke up in a panic as if from a nightmare. She poked around beneath the blankets until her hand found me. She cuddled up to me close in the darkness, whispered my name softly and drifted back to sleep. I felt something I had never felt before that night. A few days later she wrote me a love letter saying ‘You’re my home.’ Eventually things ended between us but that memory will never fade.


I had a real serious crush on a guy back in high school. My whole life revolved around him. My heart would skip a beat when our eyes happened to lock or when he walked by smiling and nodding to acknowledge me. Fast forward for what seems like an eternity and he showed up at my place of work. I noticed him, but something felt so different. Where I was now and where I was back then were two completely different worlds. He wasn’t this angelic creature I ached to see back in high school. He was someone I could touch. Human. He died in 2012. I don’t think about him too much. When a certain 90’s song plays I am transported back to high school in my flirty checkerboard dress with giggles dancing in my belly. Just a sophomore girl lingering in the hallway waiting to get a glance of her crush.


I was a bartender dressed to the nines,

Back then I wore Rocky Mountains,

I didn’t want people to touch me or hit on me so I wore more clothes than usual But there was this one absolutely gorgeous girl who I would see She was dancing like crazy with the biggest smile on her face, She blew me a kiss and winked at me.

I never saw her again.

Her sweet expression is frozen in time.

From time to time I wish I had bigger balls and said ‘Hi’ to her.

I don’t regret not doing that, but I do regret not dancing with her.


In middle school the boy I liked stood in a corner and didn’t want to dance. As the last song of the night played, he walked up to me and asked to dance. I agreed. My arms were around his neck and his hands sheepishly held my waist. We weren’t talking or even looking at each other. I can feel his grasp on my shirt getting tighter and then all of a sudden he kissed me. Then he runs out of the auditorium, leaving me there with the song still playing. We’re still friends. Recently he sent me that song and asked if I remembered the dance. I said ‘Of course!’. How could I forget my first kiss?He told me he was so scared, all he could think to do was run all the way home. He said his heart was beating so fast it felt like it was about to fly out of his chest. Decades later memories of that night still make me gush inside.


There was this girl I was crazy for back in college. I was so incredibly shy that I could not understand how a woman who was so perfect could possibly find me attractive. I found out years later through a mutual acquaintance that she had feelings for me, but by then she had already moved on and had gotten married. Looking back, I remember the times I felt confused when she would act a certain way in front of me. It’s all clear now. I’m 25 years too late in saying this, but for what it’s worth and if you ever see this, I love you Cynthia and I wish you the best.


When my mom and dad were going their their divorce, my dad’s therapy was driving around for hours, not going anywhere in particular. One night when my dad realized my mom was cheating on him we went on a drive for several hours both of us completely quiet. The truck broke down. My dad looked at me and said, ‘Some relationships are built to break down. Regardless of what happens don’t you ever forget that your mom is your mom. She is one of one. You must always respect her.’ My dad died of alcohol poisoning a few months later. If he hadn’t said what he said that night I most likely would have seen my mom in a very different light.


I met her for the first time in a club. It wasn’t too difficult to find her because she was always there. For 20 years she never left my side, and through the years I gave myself to her and she gave herself to me. We were both relentless. At the age of 40 I am finally clean and sober. I knew she was a liar and deceitful but a reality without her was too much to bear. Yes, she was bad for me. She took the world by storm. When I drift off to sleep sometimes at night I think of her.



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